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Falling In DIFF 2019 Street Carnival In Da Nang City

Flaming dances, brilliant flower cars and a vibrant, lively world of music in the DIFF 2019 Street Carnival will attract visitors down the street, to experience an exciting summer in the city Han River.

Taking place from 19h to 21h on Sunday nights (June 2, June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7) within the framework of the International Fireworks Festival in Da Nang, Carnival DIFF 2019 street will blow into Da Nang's summer atmosphere with lively, jubilant waves of music, street art, and the colorful and vibrant colors of performance art as well as the creation of flower cars, costume…

Invested and organized by Sun Group, this is the most special companion event for each international fireworks season in Danang.

And Street Carnival DIFF 2019, with the participation of more than 80 professional international dancers, 4 beautifully decorated, decorated flower cars, representing 8 countries attending DIFF will create festive spaces attracted from performance art to costume colors.

This year, instead of the street Carnival parade from the same point and marching through many streets, 80 artists and 4 flower cars will be divided into two groups, parading from 2 starting points, Han River Bridge and Novotel Danang Premier Han River hotel toward the main stage is the square before the old Danang City People's Committee on Bach Dang Street.

On the parade journey, groups of artists and flower cars will stop performing and interacting with the audience, creating music spaces and vibrant street art on weekends.

Like an excursion to 8 countries participating in DIFF 2019, visitors and people mingle in DIFF Street Carnival 2019 will see a sweet Belgium, a dynamic China, an ardent Brazil, Finland brilliant, Italian fashion, United Kingdom personality, splendid Russia and a rich Vietnamese tradition, through music and street art typical of countries.

Circus, choreography, bustling music, Street Carnival 2019 constitutes the most fascinating mobile art party ever in the Han River city, inspiring excitement and swirling souls into the fun Endless brings Da Nang summer flavor.

4 flower cars are 4 vibrant small stages designed extremely romantic with inspiration from the typical flowers of the country. Each flower car represents a night of fireworks with the competition of the two countries.

Hoa Sen is a flower that is typical for Vietnam with pure beauty that will match the shoulders with Sunflower with the resilient and intense beauty of Russia.

The flower of Túc is a beauty of the Belgian kingdom with Lan Cattleya with colorful colors representing the Brazilian national festival. Flower cars representing Italy and Finland will bring pure, fragile Rum flowers and elegant, pure Bell orchids.

The crimson red form represents the Chinese nation that will make the United Kingdom's Tudo peace symbol.

As for those travelers who have not had the chance to experience the miracle named DIFF, it is recommended to try once to enjoy the feeling of living in this wonderful festival world.


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