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The first World Performing Arts Festival in 2018
  • Time: From 01/07/2018 - July 8, 2018

  • Content: The performances of art units in the country and internationally

  • Location: It is expected to have some performance activities at the stage of sidewalk area of ​​Tran Hung Dao Street (Fireworks stage)

  • Presiding unit: Department of Culture and Sports, World Theater Association (ITI)

ITI International Theater Association has chosen Danang to host the first ITI World Performing Arts Festival in 2018. If everything goes smoothly, the opening ceremony Can take place exactly on July 1, 2016 to combine the anniversary of the ITI 70-year event. This is also the unique point of the festival this time.

Da Nang performers must have a greater responsibility to promote the performing arts of the country at the First World Performing Arts Festival in Da Nang 2018. IN PHOTO: Scene in Hoang Dieu by the artists singer Nguyễn Hiển Dỉnh Theater performed. Photo: VNA

To visualize the first World Performing Arts Festival in Da Nang 2018, you can learn a bit about one of the most important cultural and artistic events starting in 1947 by the French theater industry. It is also one of the most famous and oldest cultural and arts festivals in the world - Avignon theater festival takes place in July every year.

This festival attracts audiences in both sections: Festival Print and Festival Off. The Print Festival is considered to be the official part of staged plays by big names in the French theater and the world is performed solemnly at large and large stages.

The Off Festival is considered an open festival for all French and international professional and amateur art troupes who want to join the festival in search of brand promotion opportunities. Thus, although it is the first time to host the World Performing Arts Festival, Danang can fully learn the Avignon Theater Festival model to separate the Print Festival / Official Program and Festival Off. / Informal programs, both affirming the artistic level and creating richness and diversity and encouraging innovative experiences on stage.

It is expected that about 20 art troupes from ITI member countries - including Vietnam - will be invited to participate in the Print Festival, guaranteed by the city the cost of accommodation / traveling in Da Nang during the time. party; At the same time, the delegation will be invited to participate in the Off Festival, self-sufficient for all accommodation / travel expenses when attending the Festival, but Da Nang will arrange a time and venue for the concert. In order to be invited to the Print Festival, foreign delegations will be selected by ITI, while domestic delegations will be jointly recommended by Da Nang and ITI Vietnam.

Da Nang not only acts on behalf of the whole country but also together with the whole country to contribute to the fulfillment of the responsibility to host the World Performing Arts Festival this time. Therefore, Da Nang performers must have a greater responsibility to promote their performing arts. From now on, the artists of the Opera House Nguyen Hien Dinh need to work hard to practice the most special repertoire of the Art of Quang Tuong in Da Nang (recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). Intangible cultural products at the national level in 2015) to be able to be selected on behalf of the Vietnamese Tuong industry to participate in the Festival of Printing.

At the same time, the Association of City Theater Artists can participate in the Off Festival with a folk drama adapted from the story Love story on the Thu river of Luu Quang Vu - a famous playwriter in Da Nang; with a special repertoire of folk songs / singing songs in Da Nang (recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2016).

The World Performing Arts Festival will focus on performing theatrical performances and on academic activities related to the performing arts on stage - including dance, music, theater arts ...

It is no coincidence that this festival is called the Performing Arts Festival, not just the Theater Festival. In Festival Off, capable of staging the stage costume performance, for example, the audience will be able to take advantage of the dress of the beautiful Juliet in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet play that appeared on the stage of many different countries, and will see the dress of her Juliet stage He is not like the dress of Juliet French stage, unlike the dress of Juliet Russian stage ...

That's not to mention the costume artists, painted in front of the public, at the door of the theater, are seen as an interesting and effective advertising. At the Avignon Theater Festival, artists also go directly across the street to market their plays, wear the costumes of the roles, and special props, transforming and behaving the personality of the person. object…

Before 1975, the Da Nang people also witnessed the opera / reformist performers dressed in corsets playing on some streets.

According The first World Performing Arts Festival in 2018

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