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Open direct flights to the US in 2018

The Prime Minister has just approved a project to direct the development of direct routes between Vietnam and other key countries and regions in order to promote development investment, enhance international exchanges and integration, create industry breakthroughs. travel.

The objective of the project is to develop an international flight network between Vietnam and key markets including the US, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Australia, France, England and India. Degree as well as other potential markets such as United Arab Emirates, South Africa ...

Developing aviation activities with tourism activities towards 2020, Vietnam will attract 17-20 million international visitors, the total value of tourism contributes 10-12% of GDP and export value through tourism. the schedule reached 20 billion USD.

In terms of promotion, the Government encourages airlines to develop direct routes between Vietnam and key markets. Create maximum conditions for aviation specialized service prices when opening new international routes, take-off times, regular and irregular forms of exploitation. Exploiting, combining many destinations in Vietnam for foreign airlines to develop direct routes, increasing the frequency on existing international routes.

Develop direct routes to each market according to each specific product orientation. For example, identifying tourism products for the Chinese market is a high-class sea resort resort to serve guests on long-term holidays.

On the direction of developing routes to Russia, opening new routes between Da Nang - Russia; re-exploiting Nha Trang route to Moscow; increase supply on existing routes from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City to Moscow. Determining Vietnamese tourism products for Russian tourists is a high-class island resort, sports tourism products, exploring the city, combining entertainment and shopping.

For American guests, focus on developing the type of tourism to visit the old battlefields, visiting family tours, resort and convalescence resorts, cultural and historical tourism products, garden tourism products. Since then, the orientation of Vietnam Airlines to open a new direct route to the US with the initial option is a point on the West Coast of the US in 2018.

According – Open direct flights to the US in 2018

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